Monday, June 13, 2011

My Search for the Perfect Bed

I am searching for the perfect headboard for my son's room.  As I show you the options I'm considering so far, you'll find some DIY ideas that are so customizable, they work for an adult's bedroom too!

I have two young boys.  My younger son will soon be ready to transition from his crib to a bed.  It's an exciting milestone, but it comes with lots of decorating decisions.  When my oldest son made the transition, I went all out and bought him a bit of a pricey bed and dresser.  His changing table that converts to a dresser, along with his room and just about everything in it, was going to his new baby brother.  I wanted us both to love his new, big boy room.  We do.  His bed is the full size version of this bed, by Stanley's Young America line:
I was not prepared for how quickly the cost of the new bed, dresser, mattress, bedding, and all that goes with it adds up!  We were able to reuse all of his nursery furniture and decor for our new baby, though, so it seemed reasonable to splurge a little.

You live and learn, though, and now I want a more affordable, but equally good-looking bed for my younger son.  So, here's my I purchase a new bed or get creative and make something myself?  Here are some options I'm considering.  Let me know what you think, and what your ideas are for decorating boys' rooms.

My son's changing table converts to a large dresser, so I want to keep that in the room.  It's a beautiful espresso finish from Pottery Barn Kids.  I could spend about $725 on the bed that would match it.
But, I'd like to mix it up.  I'm not particularly fond of matching bedroom sets, and the price is higher than what I'd like to spend. 

Pottery Barn Kids also offers another great option.  Imagine this pirate sail mounted on the wall behind just a mattress and frame.  For only $100, it makes a fun alternative to a headboard.  The drawback here for me, though, is that he will eventually outgrow it, and it will need to be replaced down the road. 
If I don't go the retail route, I've found lots of creative ideas to truly customize the space.  Here's a simple and easy alternative. 
It's just a painted faux headboard.  Click on the picture to be directed to "Real Simple" and find the easy instructions to create this look for around $20.  I could even use wall decals to personalize it and easily change them out according to his interests as he grows.  It would make his bedding stand out, and it would look great with his blue walls.  My only concern is, would it look as nice in person as it does in this photo?  Would it end up looking like we just forgot to paint a huge area of his room?  It certainly looks clean and modern in this photo, but would that translate well for a fun boy's room?

With a little more work, here's another DIY project that creates a unique look.  These are 3 closet doors, painted and installed to create a custom headboard.  Click on the photo to be directed to "Better Homes and Gardens" for step by step instructions.

Browse through their DIY section and find another, easier alternative - mount a fabric-covered canvas on the wall behind the bed.  You can also see a 6-paneled door, turned on its side and mounted to the wall, which makes a great headboard as well.

I love the look of this photo, also from "Better Homes and Gardens".  I'd be happy to have it in my room, but it would also be great for a kids' room too.  I could display his much-loved stuffed animals and books on a salvaged mantel like this one.

Or with the right fabric and bedding to fit a little boy's style, here are photos from a fantastic tutorial on the blog All Things Thrifty on how to make your own upholstered headboard.  Takes some time and patience, but the result is beautiful and completely unique.  Click on the photos to be directed to the blog, and you'll find lots of great DIY tutorials and decorating ideas.

So now, I just have to decide on what would work best in our home.  How much time and money do I want to put into this project, and what look would work best for my son?  To be continued...In the meantime, let me know your thoughts!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Good luck deciding which one to do! xoxo

  2. Thanks, Brooke! Love your blog, giving me so many I just need more hours in the day :)

  3. The rustic looking shelf... so old... so new... so yummy... Thank you for stopping by The 36th Avenue, now it is my turn to visit. Love the blog ;)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Desiree! I love that one too...eventually that look will end up in my house somewhere, whether it's my son's room or not:)