Thursday, June 23, 2011

Decorate Your Dorm

If you're starting college this year, get ready for your new adventure, and all the studying and fun that goes with it!  And also get ready to transform your institutional dorm room into your new home! 

The decorating fun begins!  Pick out some great bedding first to bring color to your new space.  Then, hang something on the walls.  A corkboard is a great idea, because you can use it to hang photos of your old friends from home and the new friends you'll be making.  You can also use it to get organized by hanging your class schedule and calendar.  Change it out whenever you want.  And don't forget the pretty push pins.  Make your display one-of-a-kind!

Click on any of the photos to be directed to the websites to purchase the items shown here.

Here's a great option for bedding from Bed Bath & Beyond.   It's extra long, made just for a dorm bed.
Since you can't paint your dorm walls like this photo, to warm up your room, add a framed, fabric-covered corkboard.
This antiqued white frame comes with other fabric options that would work with this bedding as well.
All you need are push pins to truly personalize your space. These are one-of-a-kind sets I sell in my Etsy shop, and they are repurposed vintage jewlery. 

This handmade duvet cover will add a luxurious feel to your new room.  The texture makes it unique and beautiful.  Take good care of it, and it will last throughout your college life and beyond. It  fits as easily in a dorm room as it does into an apartment or home.  It can be completely customized, with various colors and finishes.  

Again, all you need to warm up the room is the right fabric on the wall.  This corkboard coordinates perfectly and can stand on its own as framed art, if you don't want to use it to display your photos or to-do lists.

If you do use it for display, here are some great push pins.   No one else will have your one-of-a-kind display.  This silver vintage jewelry repurposed into push pins looks great with the fabric and frame.
Or bring out the yellow with gold tones.

Another great idea to customize your dorm room is to create a jewelry display.  All you need is a corkboard you like, then hang your jewelry with tacks, like this.  Your jewelry will turn into a new form of art.  Mix contemporary and vintage jewelry for the best effect.

If you don't want to put nails into the walls of your dorm or apartment, I recommend Command Picture Hanging Strips.  Used correctly, they are easy to use to hang corkboards and take them down, without damaging the walls or the frames.  Just make sure you follow the directions properly.  
Good luck and have fun!  Starting college is an exciting time of life.  Let your dorm room show off your personal style!


  1. Great finds, love the ruffled duvet cover!!

  2. Thanks, Debbie! That duvet cover is on my wish list, and I'm definitely past my college days!

  3. Great ideas, even for those not starting college.... Off to frame some fabric for my studio I think.

  4. Where is the duvet from?

  5. It's from an Etsy shop, but there must be a glitch...I can't link up to it either.

  6. the duvet is from