Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Featuring Avec Dieu Couture

Couture for your home, at a high quality and reasonable price.  What more can you ask for?  

Avec Dieu Couture Custom Drapes
Meet Amanda, the designer behind Avec Dieu CoutureAlways creative, as a child, she designed clothing and home decor for her Barbies.  Shen then grew up and put her creativity on the back burner, as she became busy with her career in counseling and her family life.  About 4 years ago, she came up with the idea of a home decor business.  Upon prayer and great reflection, she decided to go for it, and started with a notebook of ideas.  Avec Dieu Couture was born.  She has achieved great success on Etsy, and she even had her drapes featured in a room remodel on HGTV!

She makes custom drapes, created just for you, for under $100.

Damask Drapes

What is your inspiration?
"I like the idea of a unique modern look. Fabric stores often have the same boring floral designs, and home decor stores often just have the same solid drape options. Since it was difficult to find a unique option, I decided to make that my focus....The idea behind my products was quality and a couture look that couldn't be found in the stores. Stores often use a thin cotton lining and all of my drapes are lined with a high quality liner to protect them from sun damage. "

She also makes pillows, ranging from $15 to $30.
Blue Haze Pillows

How would you describe your style?
"I would say my style is a bit eclectic, but mostly modern. Even with traditional looks, like to add a modern twist." 
Wine Bags
 Her biggest influences?
"My biggest influence has been God. My life has been transformed in ways I never could have imagined myself. I have found that when I listen, there is guidance to my next step. I would also say my parents. My parents are wonderful people and have taught me how to act to others and the importance of caring. They also told me I could do anything I wanted in life over and over again :-) That had to affect my willingness to take on the things in my life that I have. "

Spring Bloom Cloth Napkins

Amanda gives back.
 "I originally chose Uganda because I read there was a great need for wells and financial assistance with the orphanages. Being a counselor, I really feel for people in need and believe everyone should help each other out. It is a good virtue to have to give, and when you do and eventually find yourself in need, then you will be surprised how people around you will help. I have also donated to Haiti and to Japan after the earthquake. I usually pray on where the money should go before donating." 

Amanda offers a wide range of products. Nursery and childrens' decor, shower curtains, bath towels, ring bearer pillows, and even political satire wall mirrors, which can be customized according to size and political views!

Thank you, Amanda, for letting us take a look at your beautiful shop and products! A perfect example of how we can all live a little more beautifully, by customizing our homes to get exactly the look we want, and by giving back to those in need.


  1. I love all the beautiful prints! Classic prints in fun, bright colors add such an elegant flare to a room! Thanks for sharing!

    Michelle, MISC Root

  2. Thanks for your comment, Michelle! I love her style too, just the right mix of modern and classic with great colors.