Thursday, June 30, 2011

Featuring "Decidedly Chic" Throw Pillows

Finding the right throw pillow for a space is a great way to add color, texture, and style, without a big commitment.  It's the most affordable way to quickly transform a room.  I love changing out throw pillows, to add punches of color and great patterns, go with the seasons, or just to create a different mood.  I love having a solid-colored couch in a family room or living room, because it allows you to get creative with accents, without blowing your budget.  My style has changed since my first apartment, and I like easy, affordable ways my rooms can adapt with me.
Decidedly Chic is an Etsy shop that offers an eclectic mix of affordable throw pillows. Customize your home with handmade throw pillows and accessorize without having to fall back on mass-produced items to stay on budget.  Click on any of the photos to find them for purchase. 

I asked Dixie, the designer behind Decidedly Chic, what her inspirations is.  She says,
"Ethnic art - textiles & architecture inspire me.  I really appreciate handmade crafts from small villages or towns from different parts of the world. Their artwork, as well as their architecture, is intricate, detailed and originally their own. It is the unique cultural contribution that influences the styles I seek out for my pillow covers, such as the ikats, suzanis, and geometric patterns, with the trellis and lattice designs being some of my favorites. "

I love this Ikat pattern.  On trend right now, and yet the soft tones make it timeless. 
Dixie loves her work, and it shows.  She enjoys every part of the creative process, designing, and sewing her pillows.  I asked her to describe her style.
"I love to mix and match from different styles, cultures and try to find an exotic, yet modern vintage edge. You will notice many florals mixed in with exotic patterns in contemporary colors in my shop."
For a more traditional aesthetic, I love the crewelwork on this pillow.

Visit her shop, and you will find traditional floral fabrics, along with modern and more contemporary pieces.  I love the vintage feel of these damask pillows.  The pop of orange brings just enough color to this calming, neutral bedroom.
Her mix of styles and colors makes her shop fun to browse through.  There's truly something for everyone.  I asked her what designer she admires, and she says, 
"I admire Diane Von Furstenberg for her contribution to functional and highly fashionable clothing for women. Her fashion forward sense is also noticed in her new venture into the home décor industry. I can see myself mixing and matching to my eclectic heart’s content."

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  1. I've tried to do this myself, not as pretty as yours.