Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inspirational Spaces

Balcony in Bath

You are looking at a balcony that belongs to Hannah, of Wolf in the Woods, an Etsy shop that sells handmade applique birds.  It's easy to see how the beautiful and romantic countryside in Bath, UK gives her plenty of inspiration for her creations. 

I recently asked fellow Etsians to submit their favorite spaces in their homes.  I figured a group of artists were sure to live in creative spaces, and as this photo shows, they did not disappoint. 

Hannah's balcony is her favorite place in her flat, because she can go there to relax and enjoy the countryside.  She also watches birds and does a lot of sewing in this unique outdoor living space. 

As you can see, she has pinned postcards over the door.  She wanted to frame the space and be reminded of her friends and the various places she's traveled.  What a great tip we can all use!  A unique and beautiful, but also easy and affordable way to customize your space by displaying items meaningful to you. 

When we live among things we love, it raises our spirits and reminds us to live a little more beautifully. 

Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your space!

If you would like your favorite space in your home to be showcased here, please contact me through my Etsy shop.


  1. What a wonderful idea! To capture the artists' spaces... I have to say. Looking at the photo makes me want that space!. We have a porch off the master bedroom which I have contemplated taking for my own for the wraparound window view. My current Studio though lovely is so tiny I have to leave the room just to change my mind...

  2. Lol! I'm also envious of the beautiful space, what a view to enjoy every day!

  3. What a beautiful view. I like the way she hung those posts cards. I have so many paintings I'll have to imagine something similar to display them.

  4. There's always a corkboard...LOL... I'm totally kidding :) I love the way she has casually hung hers around her door frame. Looks just beautiful, and I love when you can get to know a person on some level by seeing things that have meaning to them displayed in their home.

  5. What a fabulous space... wish I were there! You're so right about surrounding yourself with things that have meaning. It really can change your whole attitude.

  6. Absolutely, Nancy, I couldn't agree with you more!