Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cobalt blue

When I got married and it was time to pick a china pattern, I wanted the exact Spode my parents have.  I love it.  I love the cobalt blue, the shapes, and the feel of it.  I love the family meals I'm reminded of every time I see it.  My parents use it every day. Even for pizza.  It makes every meal feel special.

But I quickly realized the pattern had been discontinued.  I searched for the perfect pattern, but nothing compared to my parents' Spode in my mind.  My grandmother's best friend heard of my search and told us she owned 12 place setting of the pattern.  She generously offered to sell it to us.  I was thrilled!    

I am now the proud owner of her china and have even added to it from Replacements, Ltd.  We now use it everyday in our family, and it makes our most ordinary of meals feel special.  I found cobalt blue glasses that match it for $1/piece from Pier 1.  

I chose engraved stationary with the same cobalt blue as my favorite china and glasses.

When I found this fabric, I fell in love with it.  I love the cobalt blue, the shapes, and the feel of it.  It was a tablecloth.  But instead of using it on my table, where the print would look too busy with my dishes, I decided instantly it needed to be framed. It looks like artwork as is and can add this beautiful color to any room.  But it's also a corkboard.  Use it to display photos, notes, cards, art, jewelry, or whatever is special to you.  Click on any of the photos to be directed to my Etsy store.  


  1. love this color - beautiful!

  2. Instantly fell in love with the color of the frame as well!! Did you paint the frame and if so could you tell us the color?? So gorgeous!! Thanks!!

  3. Thanks, Emi! I prefer to use one-of-a-kind (as you probably would have guessed by reading this blog) frames, vintage or antique frames, but in this case, I bought it from a supplier...which I'm sure you understand why I cannot name. It allows me to use it in different sizes,for different fabrics, and it helps with custom orders. It has an antiqued finish, though, which is beautiful.